The Public Affairs Guide to Westminster

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The Public Affairs Guide to Westminster is the essential handbook for organisations seeking to influence legislation and shape policy development in the UK Parliament and at UK Government level, and is packed with invaluable advice on devising cost effective public affairs strategies and campaigns that achieve success on a limited budget.

Robert McGeachy’s step-by-step guide - for private, public and third sector organisations - expertly strips away the mysteries and misconceptions of engaging with the UK Government, Opposition parties, as well as with individual MPs, Peers and the civil service. 

The Public Affairs Guide to Westminster will empower campaigners to maximise their influence and to ensure their voice is heard at Westminster by comprehensively explaining:


· What your organisation could achieve by developing its own in-house public affairs capacity and activities

· How to develop a public affairs strategy to influence key policy makers at UK Government level, and in the UK Parliament

· How to identify the correct policy and legislative context via effective parliamentary monitoring and by developing good relations with key policy makers 

· How to fully engage with the legislative processes in the House of Commons and in the House of Lords

· What action your organisation can take to influence Parliamentary Committees, and All-Party Parliamentary Groups

· How to make the most of Parliamentary Motions and Debates, Private Members’ Bills and Public Petitions

· How to create, organise and undertake a public affairs programme most appropriate for your organisation including hosting parliamentary receptions, attending party conferences and joint-working with partner organisations.

Robert McGeachy is an award winning public affairs professional - who worked for many years as a Senior Research Officer in the House of Lords - with a proven track record in helping to shape and influence legislation and policy development in the Scottish and UK parliaments. He is the co-author of The Public Affairs Guide to Scotland, published by Welsh Academic Press in 2017.