The Political Parties of Ireland

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The Political Parties of Ireland expertly unravels the tangled web of Irish politics and is the essential guide to the fascinating array of parties that have influenced Ireland’s political history.

Chronology of Irish History

1. Irish Parliamentary Party
2. Ulster Unionist Party
3. Sinn Féin
4. Labour
5. Fine Gael
6. Fianna Fáil
7. Clann na Poblachta
8. Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
9. Social Democratic & Labour Party
10. Democratic Unionist Party
11. Progressive Democrats
12. Green Party

Appendix 1 - Republic of Ireland
1(a) Governance
1(b) Governments 1922-2020
1(c) Taoisigh 1922-2022
1(d) Political Party Linkages

Appendix 2 - Northern Ireland
2(a) Governance
2(b) Political Institutions
2(c) Political Leaders 1921-1972 1998-2021

Appendix 3 - Ireland
3(a) Constitutional Relationship
3(b) Women in Political Office
3(c) Selected Minor Parties


From the nationalist, unionist and Labour traditions of pre-partition Ireland to the parties that have contested elections in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, The Political Parties of Ireland is the first book to feature all Irish political parties.

In addition to charting the successes and setbacks of the major parties, which are featured in the order in which they were founded, Lila Haines also reflects on how smaller parties have  influenced the direction of political travel.

Drawing widely on original sources, contemporary journalism, political memoirs, respected historians as well as accounts by key backroom participants, Lila Haines reveals the power struggles and collaborations, splinters and mergers, and the ideals and deals that changed Ireland.

The Political Parties of Ireland is an indispensible companion for all who wish to know how Ireland’s political parties have evolved, and how their electoral journeys are shaping the future of the  island they share.

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