SNP - The History of the Scottish National Party (2nd Edition)

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'lucid, comprehensive and balanced - an invaluable guide to the SNP''
David Torrance

'There is scholarship on every page. It will become the definitive reference work on the nationalist strand of Scottish politics and Scottish history…the early days in particular are extremely well done, with close attention to original sources…impressive and has never been so well set out before.'
Scottish Affairs


1          Understanding the Scottish National Party

2          The Origins and Establishment of the Scottish National Party
3          The Struggle for Existence: 1934-45

4          The Long Road to Electoral Competitiveness: 1945-59
5          The Growth Years: 1960-70
6          From Boom to Bust: 1971-79

7          The Search for Credibility: 1980-89
8          Alex Salmond and the Modernisation of the SNP: 1990-97
9          Devolution and a New Beginning for the SNP: 1997-2007
10         Into Government: Power, Policy, Progress and Independence? - 2007-14

The first full-length history of the Scottish National Party which traces the fortunes of the SNP from its establishment in 1934 to winning power in the Scottish Parliament.

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