Terms & Conditions
By purchasing goods from Dragon Books (a trading name of Ashley Drake Publishing Ltd) the customer accepts the terms herein.

Dragon Books:

1. Will protect the privacy of the customer in accordance with the Dragon Books Privacy Policy.

2. Will make every reasonable effort to process the customer’s order within 5 working days of the book(s) being in stock.

3. Will make every reasonable effort to inform the customer of stock unavailability.

4. Will ship books to customers in the countries of the UK via the Royal Mail's second class postal service.

5. Will ship books to all non-UK territories via Royal Mail's Air Mail Tracked service (or similar if the Tracked service is not available).

6. Will not process customer orders for 'Not Yet Published' books, until the book has (or is about to) go to print. If a book is unfortunately delayed, the transaction will be held back accordingly.

7. Will adhere to GDPR regulations to secure customer data and credit/debit card payment processes.

8. Will make a full refund for books sent in error or damaged upon receipt.

9. Will make a full refund for any shipping costs (both for the original delivery and the return) where books are sent in error or damaged upon receipt.

10. May from time to time run promotional offers. Such offers may be available for a limited time period and may not apply to all available books. The terms of promotional offers may be altered at any time or they may be cancelled without warning.

The customer:

1. Will not infringe copyright and intellectual property rights or any other applicable laws.

2. Will not use any goods for any use other than their intended use as specified in these Terms and Conditions.

3. Will not make copies of any part of the Dragon Books website.

4. Will not copy, reproduce, disseminate, distribute, forward, publish, transmit, adapt, modify, create derivative works from, sell or sub-license the goods supplied in any way without the written permission from the owner of the intellectual property rights of the goods supplied.

5. Will pay for all goods and services, including all applicable taxes and import duties.

6. Will provide accurate and truthful information.

7. Will not in any way compromise the integrity of our software or systems by using any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Dragon Books website.

8. Takes ownership and accepts full responsibility for goods at the point of receipt by the customer or a person authorised by the customer to accept receipt.

9. Will inform Dragon Books before returning any goods.

10. Will return unwanted goods at their own cost in their original condition within 30 days of receipt.

11. Will return unwanted goods to the address provided by Dragon Books.

12. Will inform Dragon Books within seven days of receipt if goods are sent in error or damaged upon receipt.

13. Will ensure that all returned goods are suitably packaged to prevent damage.