The Public Affairs Guide to Wales

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‘There can be no one better than Daran Hill to clearly set out the ways in which the political landscape in Wales differs from the rest of the UK. Having watched the  unfolding of devolution so closely, he clearly highlights the nuances of the Welsh   political system, and uses his trademark analytical style to bring it to life.’
Fay Jones, Chair of Public Affairs Cymru

'What makes Daran an effective, influential and leading lobbyist, is his profound  professionalism, a clear sense of purpose, his ethical approach and a personal interest in many of the issues he deals with.'
Jack Sargeant AM

‘Daran Hill is to Welsh Politics as the grit is to an oyster. The oyster needs the grit to form a precious pearl. Welsh politics needs gritty people like Daran to challenge,  support and stretch our parliamentary development.’
Angela Burns, AM

‘The Public Affairs Guide to Wales, with its detailed technical know-how and reliable political insight, is the go-to point of reference for all those working to change Wales for the better.’
John Pockett, from his Preface

‘A valuable handbook on effective – and ethical – lobbying...It also provides distinctive insights into a democracy that is still developing.’
Leighton Andrews, from his Foreword

The Public Affairs Guide to Wales is the essential handbook for organisations seeking to effectively and ethically lobby the Welsh Government and the National Assembly (Senedd), and is packed with invaluable advice on devising public affairs strategies and campaigns that achieve success on a limited budget.

Daran Hill’s step-by-step guide for private, public and third sector organisations expertly strips away the mysteries and misconceptions of engaging with the Welsh  Government, Opposition parties, as well as with  individual AMs, committees and the civil service, and will empower campaigners to maximise their influence and to ensure their voice is heard by comprehensively explaining how to:

· develop an effective public affairs strategy

· identify the correct policy and legislative context via effective monitoring and by developing good relations with key policy makers 

· fully engage with the legislative processes in the Senedd

· influence Senedd committees and cross-party  groups

· create, organise and undertake a public affairs programme most appropriate for your organisation including hosting parliamentary receptions, attending party conferences, working with the media and joint-working with partner organisations.

 Daran Hill is widely recognised as the most authoritative public  affairs consultant in Wales and is Managing Director at Positif Politics, the leading public affairs agency he founded in 2006. Highly respected across the political spectrum, Daran led the successful Yes for Wales referendum campaign in 1997 that secured devolution, the  2011 campaign that won primary legislative powers for the Assembly, and is a former Chair of Public Affairs Cymru (PAC).

Foreword by Leighton Andrews
Preface by John Pockett
1.  Stripping Away the Mysteries: Timing
2.  Stripping Away the Mysteries: Who to target
3.  Stripping Away the Mysteries: How to target
4.  Political Monitoring
5.  Working with the Welsh Government
6.  Working with members of the Senedd
7.  Working with Political Parties
8.  Responding to Political Consultations
9.  Influencing Senedd Committees
10. Engaging with the Legislative Process
11. Non-Government Legislation
12. The Financial Process
13. Oral and Written Questions
14. Other Senedd Business in Plenary Session
15. Statements of Opinion
16. Petitions
17. Cross-Party Groups
18. Events at the Senedd
19. Party Conferences
20. Party Manifestos
21. Working at a Local or Regional Level
22. Partnership Working
23. Working with the Media
24. Online Communications
25. Operating Bilingually
26. Any Other Business