Welsh Names for Your Children

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The most comprehensive collection of Welsh names
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Welsh Names for Your Children is the most comprehensive guide ever compiled and comprises over 2,000 Welsh first names. This Third edition contains over 150 additional names.

Welsh is a Celtic language and is spoken by over a million people worldwide. It is the oldest living language in Europe and has a rich, diverse and distinctive collection of personal names, of which several, such as Dylan, Megan, and Arthur are internationally
 recognised. More and more parents are making a positive choice and giving a Welsh name to their children and in doing so handing down their Welsh heritage to the next generation. This book is the complete guide to making that choice. 

Names are arranged according to the English alphabet and, in many instances, an explanation of the name's meaning and a brief word about illustrious bearers of the name are also provided. For those not familiar with the Welsh language the book also has a section on pronunciation.