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Tidy Tales from Welsh History

Tidy Tales from Welsh History is a new series of humorous historical fiction for children that tell the famous tales of Wales in a fresh and entertaining way.

Packed with illustrations and special ‘Did You Know’ and ‘Try This’ features as well as a quiz, the Tidy Tales series is designed to make learning a laugh, facts fun and history hilarious. 

The stories of Wales’ heroes and heroines and its myths and legends are lovingly told with a smile and a snigger (and adults will love them too!).

There’re ‘Tidy’!

Patric Morgan is an multi-award winning writer and magazine editor/publisher from Barry who was previously an English teacher in a south Wales secondary school. In 2014, together with his co-author Anthony Bunko, Patric jointly-created the hugely popular WalesOnCraic which has over 22,000 Facebook followers. Anthony Bunko is a bestselling author and playwright from Merthyr Tydfil, who once had a three-legged dog called ‘Lucky’. Chris O’Keefe is a Merthyr-based illustrator who did not get any crayons stuck up his nose whilst drawing the pictures for this book, or so he says!


dic penderyn

Dic Penderyn and the Merthyr Rising